Bearing Between the Wheel and the Cycle, LWV 7.
Positive retouch colours on Giclée print
60 x 65 cm

Bearing Between the Wheel and the Cycle, borrows Schönberg's work No. 25, where the Twelve-tone technique was applied for the first time. The 12-tone technique is a composition technique devised by Schönberg to liberate music from key signatures, but now this theory of music remains only a theory as it is not practicall used anymore.  The 12-tone technique functions as a mechanism for composing in another way, but it is not at all about what we should listen to. The Twelve-tone technique does not tell you what to listen to. The Twelve-tone technique is not music for listening, but better music in itself than being played. In visual art, it is even more of a labyrinthic language. The artist brings 12-tone techniques into the world of contemporary art and views attempts to understand unknown languages and incomprehensible worlds.